Leave it to us,
sit back and relax…

We take pride in the fact that over the years we acquired hundreds of satisfied, returning business customers. Our aim is to be a long-term partner, so we are flexible and responsive to our customers’ needs.

We are happy to provide catering services for corporate events, corporate functions, conferences with our exclusive branded doughnut walls, savoury options or with our coffee selection.

The quantity required is just a number, be it hundreds or a few dozen, but the perfect experience provided by TheBox Donut team is a requirement we set ourselves.


We place the same emphasis on individual requests as we do on high-volume orders from event organizers that require maximum attention and precision whether it’s a birthday, a baby shower or a wedding.

We have a passion for creativity and are happy to brainstorm with our customers towards a common goal, while keeping in mind all the quality criteria that characterise our brand.